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◆ The cooling system is based on the principle of transforming the moist heat in the air into latent heat when water evaporates. The wet curtain is installed on the gable or side wall at one end of the closed greenhouse, and the fan is installed on the gable or side wall at the other end. When the fan exhausts, the negative pressure is generated in the room, forcing the outdoor unsaturated air to flow through the porous wet surface of the wet curtain, a large amount of wet heat in the air is converted into latent heat, so as to realize the cooling of air.


5.3) cooling system

◆ The hot water circulation heating system is adopted in the greenhouse. The hot water heating uses 60 ℃ - 85 ℃ hot water circulation to exchange heat with air. The main equipment is the heat source (geothermal well or boiler) and radiator in the greenhouse.

◆ The greenhouse mainly uses low-temperature hot water for heating, and the temperature of heat carrier water is not high, which is easy to operate and suitable for greenhouse heating.

◆ According to the needs, you can choose boiler heater heating, air conditioning heating and other ways.


5.5) Greenhouse accessories

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