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Infrastructure Construction


Foundation works, according to the authoritative definition of the national scientific and technological terms examination and Approval Committee, refers to the engineering measures adopted to change or improve the natural conditions of the foundation to make it meet the design requirements.



Positioning and setting out → recheck (including axis and coordinates) → pile driver (model selection) in place → pile driving → pile survey → foundation trench excavation → pile head breaking → leveling → concrete cushion pouring → axis guiding → cushion cap formwork and beam bottom formwork installation → reinforcement fabrication and installation → cushion cap side formwork and foundation beam side formwork installation → foundation formwork and reinforcement acceptance → foundation concrete pouring → maintenance → foundation brick masonry → Back fill.


"Three supplies and one leveling" refers to the preconditions for the commencement of capital construction projects, specifically: water, electricity, road and site leveling. Water supply (especially water supply); electricity (construction electricity is connected to the construction site and meets the construction conditions); Road (the off-site road has been paved to the entrance around the construction site to meet the vehicle access conditions); site leveling (the proposed buildings and conditions are basically flat on the site, without mechanical leveling, and can enter the construction state simply by manual leveling), which is referred to as "three supplies and one leveling".

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