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The residential structure of light steel structure is composed of high-strength cold-formed thin-walled steel members. The members are made of galvanized or aluminized zinc corrosion-resistant cold-rolled steel plate, which effectively avoids the influence of corrosion of light steel members in the process of construction and use and increases the service life of light steel members. The service life of the structure can be more than 90 years.


Sound insulation


The sound insulation effect is an important index to evaluate the house. The light steel system wall, which is composed of light steel keel, heat insulation material and plant fiber board, has perfect sound insulation and shock absorption technology and meets the national building sound insulation standard.


The light steel wall adopts an efficient energy-saving system with breathing function, which can adjust the dry humidity of indoor air; the roof has ventilation function, which can form a flowing air room over the roof, and ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation requirements of the roof. The span of the light steel integrated house can be up to 6-12 meters, which provides a larger living space for the residents, but also can be divided freely; all the materials of the light steel integrated house are green environmental protection building materials, caring for your health.

Easy-quickly Construction

All materials can be fully factory produced and assembled on the construction site, which not only reduces the construction intensity on site, but also improves the construction efficiency and project quality. During the construction, the residential environment can be built first, and then the residence can be designed and manufactured completely according to the needs of the buyer. Among them, the interior decoration can also be completed in one time through the overall design. The construction speed is fast, the cycle is short, the efficiency is high, not affected by the season, all-weather construction, 300 square meters Villa 8 workers, can complete all the work from construction to decoration, the construction period is only 1.5 months.

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