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Five advantages:

1. Convenient installation and transportation.

- It can be transported as a whole or separately; the integration and decoration of water and electricity lines are all prefabricated in the factory without secondary decoration


2.Energy saving economy

- It can be used repeatedly, disassembled repeatedly, and disassembled with excellent performance, close to zero loss.


3.Safety and durability

- Steel frame structure design; the structure adopts special cold-formed galvanized steel members, and the enclosure materials are all non combustible materials. Anti seismic 8, anti wind 12, service life more than 20 years.


4.Thermal insulation

- The wall panel adopts double-sided sandwich panel, which can play a good heat preservation, moisture-proof and heat insulation effect.


5.Free combination

- It can be connected wirelessly in the vertical and horizontal direction, and stacked with stairs and terraces, which can form a well-organized building complex to meet different purposes such as office and residence.


Transportation convenience:

1. Each standard module shall be 6055mm long, 2435mm wide or 2990mm wide. Land transportation is not super long and super wide.

2. For the positioning of corner pieces, refer to ISO shipping container corner positioning, which can be transported by standard container trucks, and can be used as lifting points during installation.

3. Forklift holes can be added in the bottom frame, and can be moved by forklift.

Box size:

Application fields:

It can be used in office, accommodation, meeting room, bathroom, kitchen, access control and so on. The application fields are diversified, which can be used for engineering camp, commercial house, public service house, military camp, tourism, municipal temporary house, disaster relief and resettlement house, plant house, etc.

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