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Porta Cabin

Lida Porta Cabin (Modular House)is made of light steel as the structure and sandwich panels for wall and roof. When delivery, it is knocking-down to save the space. When erection, it could be installed by common workers with electric tools according to instruction. The structure is connected by bolt and the wall is fixed by rivet. Light material without overload, easy to pack and transport. 

Lida Porta Cabin (Modular House)can be assembled and disassembled more than 6 times, it’s easy to move to another location with minimum cost, and the service life of Lida porta cabin manufacturer is more than 15 years.


Lida  Porta Cabin  is widely used as labor camp house , refugee camp house, staff camp house, mining camp house, temporary accommodation buildings, toilet and shower building, laundry room, kitchen and dining/mess/canteen hall, recreation hall, mosque/prayer hall, site office building, clinic building, guard house, etc.

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