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1. Large span: single span or multi span, with a maximum span of 36 meters without central column.

2. Low cost: the unit price can be from USD35 / m2 to USD70 / m2 according to the requirements of customers.

3. The construction speed is fast and the installation is convenient.

4. Long life: up to 50 years.

5. Others: environmental protection, structural stability, earthquake resistance, waterproof, and energy conservation.


1. The main frame (column and beam) is composed of welded H-shaped steel or box shaped column;

2. Foundation installation is connected with foundation by pre embedded anchor bolt;

3. Beams and columns, beams and beams are connected with high-strength bolts;

4. Roof and wall purlins are made of cold-formed C-shaped steel;

5. The wall and roof can be made of color steel single tile or color steel sandwich board, which is connected with purlin by self tapping screw;

6. Doors and windows can be of various specifications, such as UPVC, aluminum alloy, light steel, etc


Case reference of Chile steel structure warehouse: since 2012, our company has undertaken more than 20 steel structure warehouse projects in Chile. Our design, product quality, engineering installation and after-sales service are widely recognized by local customers. As follows, it is one of the steel structure warehouse projects with a building area of 7500 square meters:

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