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2021 All Staff Meeting--Lida Group


On July 30, 2021, Lida Group successfully held its 2021 all-staff meeting.

Lida Group is a leading manufacturer in China for temporary camp buildings with prefabricated buildings and container houses.

Due to the impact of the new round of epidemic, Lida Group adopted a combination of online and offline methods to reduce the gathering of personnel and minimize the risk. All the staff from the head office of Lida Group participated, and representatives from all branches participated.

The meeting was mainly divided into two parts: Firstly, Mu Ziwen, chairman of Lida Group, summarized the work of all departments and regions last year and the first half of the year, and deployed the work plan and strategic adjustment for the second half of the year; Secondly, The group's outstanding staff work to make recognition and awarded meritorious awards.

Chairman Mu in the speech first last year and the first half of the department work made the affirmation and pointed out the shortcomings, he pointed out that in the face of the complex external environment, we should practice the values of "a dignified life, serious work, only in this way our future career and life will be more walk farther, more walk wider.

Secondly, in the work deployment for the second half of the year, Chairman Mu emphasized increasing the expansion of the group team, based on their own products, follow up with The Times and trends, break the traditional operation mode, require all staff with marketing thinking, emphasize the importance of online, and combine online and offline. Chairman Mu requires the regional principals to base themselves on the current situation, take a long-term view, actively change their thinking and roles, and continue to use more solid quality and more professional knowledge to promote the reputation of Lida.

Finally, Chairman Mu laid out the work focus and plan for each department in the second half of the year, and shared some of his own life experiences. He regarded the employees of the company as his family, and stressed that all members should bear in mind the principle of "being a dignified person and doing things seriously" and put it into practice.

At the end of the meeting, the outstanding colleagues in this year's work were commended and the merit award was awarded. I hope all colleagues can make persistent efforts and be fearless. Striving for the goal of "the first brand of integrated buildings"!

About Lida

Lida Group was established in 1993, as a professional manufacturer and exporter which is concerned with the design, production, installation, and marketing of engineering construction.

Lida Group has achieved ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, EU CE certification (EN1090) and passed SGS, TUV, and BV inspection. Lida Group has obtained Second Class Qualification of Steel Structure Professional Construction Contracting and General Contracting Qualification of Construction Engineering.

Lida Group is the designated supplier of the UN peacekeeping force camp and the strategic cooperative supplier of China State Construction, China Railway, China Communications, and other large domestic and foreign contracting companies. Up to now, Lida engineering projects have spread to 145 countries and regions in the world. 

 Lida Group is one of the most powerful integrated building engineering companies in China. Lida Group has become a member of several associations such as the China Steel Structure Association, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and China Building Metal Structure Association, etc.

The main products of Lida Group contain a large scale the labor camp, Steel structure buildings, LGS Villa, Container house, Prefab house, and other integrated buildings.

We are committed to creating a one-stop service platform for integrated architecture, with the mission of creating a more harmonious new living space for human beings. With advanced production technology, high-quality product quality, complete product categories, excellent sales, and technical service teams, we are dedicated to Merchants at home and abroad provide a full range of services.

Lida, Create more harmonized new life space.

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