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Lida Group: Developing More and Better Products through Strengthening Technical Support


Lida Group: Developing More and Better Products through Strengthening Technical Support

Founded in 1993, Lida Group has been cooperating with customers from 148 countries and regions by 2023. The group has been actively expanding its product lines and strengthening technological support to develop more and better products, especially in three major product categories: container houses, prefab houses, and steel structure buildings.

Container Housing

Container building has become Lida Group's flagship product since it started in this field in 2009. The group saw the huge potential of transforming idle or discarded shipping containers into affordable and versatile living spaces. It began investing heavily in research and development of container housing technologies and designs. Over the years, Lida has launched many container home models ranging from small studios to multi-room villas using one or multiple containers.

To make container homes more comfortable and sustainable, Lida focused on improving structural rigidness, thermal and sound insulation as well as air ventilation systems. The group also studied various external and internal finishing options to create aesthetically pleasing container residences. Their close cooperation with container and steel material suppliers ensures high quality and durability of the raw materials. As a result, Lida's container homes can now meet the demand of being used as regular permanent houses, offices, and apartments instead of temporary shelters.

Prefab Housing

In 2000, Lida entered the prefab housing market with a series of modular homes. The group realized that many of the same technologies used in container housing, such as prefabrication, assembly and modularization, could be applied to traditional building materials to develop highly efficient prefab houses.

Lida's scientists and engineers worked hard to optimize the design and structure of prefabricated home components. They focused on using innovative materials and construction methods to improve energy efficiency, environment friendliness, cost efficiency and architectural aesthetics of prefab homes. Today, Lida offers a broad lineup of prefabricated house models leveraging steel materials and concrete construction technologies. Their prefab houses have been widely adopted for different use scenarios including permanent residences, cabins, staff quarters, and temporary offices.

Steel Structure Building

Steel structure buildings have been an essential part of Lida's product portfolio since day one. As the construction industry increasingly embraces metal buildings for their wide range of benefits, Lida stepped up its R&D efforts to provide customers with more advanced steel structure solutions.

The group recruited top steel structure engineers and formed a specialized technical team. They researched new types of metal profiles, connection systems, welding and coating technologies to build stronger, lighter, more corrosion-resistant and seismic-resilient steel structures. The technical team also worked closely with architectural design teams to develop steel structure buildings with better functionalities and aesthetics.

These days, Lida provides tailored steel structure solutions for all kinds of buildings including warehouses, workshops, factories, commercial centers, stadiums, hospitals and exhibition halls. They constantly innovate within the framework of green and intelligent steel buildings to optimize energy efficiency, operational cost and space utilization.

Looking Ahead

Through years of dedicated research and development as well as technical support, Lida Group has gained leading positions in its core product areas of container housing, prefab housing and steel structure building. In the future, the group will continue to strengthen R&D, recruit more engineering talents and utilize advanced technologies to develop even greater products that better serve the real needs of customers worldwide. Lida is determined to become a trusted brand that represents high quality, environmental friendliness and architectural aesthetics within the global construction industry.

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