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Lida Group: Innovation in Container House and Prefab House Construction


Lida Group: Innovation in Container House and Prefab House Construction

Lida Group, founded in 1993, is an innovative construction and real estate development group specializing in container house, prefab house, steel structure building, and modular house design and construction. The company operates internationally, Till now, its products have been exported to more than 148 countries and regions.

By repurposing container units and optimizing design and construction techniques, Lida Group has been able to efficiently produce high-quality, eco-friendly, and affordable prefab houses and units. The company's products include container houses, office containers, camp houses, steel structure building, accommodations, and housing solutions for various purposes.

Lida's developments utilize steel and concrete structures along with complete exterior and interior finishing. Container houses and prefab houses by Lida offer advantages including speed of construction, reduced wastage, and durable designs. Each unit undergoes strict quality checks before delivery to ensure safety, comfort, and reliability.

The company serves as an engineering, procurement, and construction contractor for various residential, commercial, and industrial projects. For multi-unit housing projects, the company employs an integrated approach where container units are pre-assembled in the factory and later connected on-site. This allows a significant reduction in construction time compared to conventional methods.

Lida Group has worked on a variety of residential and non-residential projects. Some notable projects include large staff accommodation facilities and container house settlements for construction sites. The company has also developed camp houses in Mid-East for oil and gas facilities, eco-friendly modular houses for tourists, and container office spaces for businesses.

For residential projects, Lida Group offers customized container houses and prefab solutions to meet diverse client requirements. They provide single-story and two-story detached houses, terrace houses, and row houses in various sizes and styles. Container houses by Lida blend the convenience of industrialized building systems with the attractiveness of a conventional home.

Non-residential projects by Lida include office buildings, schools, hospitals, resorts, hotels, and other commercial and institutional facilities. For such projects, the company utilizes mixed construction methods combining container units with concrete structures based on the scale and function of the development. This allows clients the benefits of containerized construction with the flexibility of design.

Lida Group works closely with clients right from the design stage to ensure projects meet functional requirements as well as aesthetic considerations. The company provides 3D design modeling services, value engineering, and design optimization as part of their consultancy to ensure the high performance of the completed project.

With a vision to reshape the future of construction using industrialized technologies, Lida continues to innovate in materials, design, and processes. The company is increasingly incorporating advanced materials and equipment in order to deliver sustainable and future-ready developments to its clients.

In summary, Lida Group is at the forefront of innovative container house, prefab house, and modular house development. By leveraging industrialized construction techniques and advanced engineering practices, the company aims to provide cost-effective, time-efficient and eco-friendly housing solutions to clients globally.

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