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Lida products—prefabricated house series


Lida products—prefabricated house series

Prefabricated camp house is a Green economy building system, which is formed by the main structure (Square steel tube for column, C channel steel for roof turss and purlin), roof and wall system (using sandwich panel), door and window system. Because of its advantages, like fast production, fast installation, and low cost, prefabricated camp house is widely used as labor camp, refugee camp, staff camp, mining camp, dormitory, accommodation house, toilet and shower building, laundry, kitchen and dining/mess/canteen hall, recreation hall, mosque/prayer hall, site office, clinic, guard house, etc.

Product advantages
1. Easy installation and transportation
It can be transported as a whole or disassembled. The water and electricity lines have been prefabricated in the factory in advance, and can be used when transported to the destination without secondary decoration

2. Durable and economical
Steel frame structure design, the structure adopts special cold-formed galvanized steel components, earthquake resistance level 8, wind resistance level 12, service life of more than 20 years

3. Fast installation, green and environmental protection
Zero construction waste, fast construction, and installation, dry operation throughout the whole process

4. Thermal insulation
The wall panel adopts a double-sided sandwich panel, which can play a good role in thermal insulation

Technical Parameters
Wind resistance: Class 11 (wind speed ≤ 125.5km/h)
Earthquake resistance: Level 8
Roof live load: 0.5kn/㎡
External wall and partition wall heat transfer coefficient: 0.35 Kcal/㎡hc
Corridor live load: 2.0kn/ ㎡

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