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Saudi Binladen Group Prefabricated House Labor Camp Project

This Prefabricated house labor camp in Saudi Arabia is supplied by Lida Group for Saudi Binladen Group King Saud University project; which is composite with 45 units G+1 T Model prefabricated house accommodation buildings, each unit 40 living rooms, Each room could accommodate 8 workers, each building around 912m2, totally around 36500 m2 square meters. 


T Model prefabricated house system is one of the typical site temporary solution for labor accommodation house, which is widely used on One storey dormitory house, Two Storey Dormitory house. Labor accommodation house, Engineer living house for Junior and Senior Staff, Recreation building, Laundry building and all other buildings in one whole prefab house worker camp.


The main Steel Structure is Q235 steel Square Tube Column, and C section Roof beam, with wall and roof purlin.


The wall and roof panel for T Model Prefabricated houses are using Galvanized Steel Sandwich panel. 

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