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Product:Steel Structure Building

Area:8000 Square Meters

In recent years, steel structure buildings have become more and more popular. Steel structure construction is a new type of building system, which breaks through the industrial boundary between real estate industry, construction industry and metallurgy industry, and integrates into a new industrial system. This is the steel structure building system that is generally optimistic in the industry.

Compared with traditional concrete buildings, steel structures replace reinforced concrete with steel plates or sections, with higher strength and better shock resistance. And because the components can be factory-made and installed on site, the construction period is greatly reduced. Due to the reusability of steel, it can greatly reduce construction waste and is more environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is widely used in industrial buildings and civil buildings.

Our company Lida Group (Weifang Henglida Steel Structure Co., Ltd.) is a professional manufacturer of steel structure buildings. This project has made a steel structure building project for the fishery processing plant for our customers in Seychelles.

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