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The Expanding Use of Steel Structure Buildings


The Expanding Use of Steel Structure Buildings

Steel structure buildings have seen rapidly growing applications in various sectors including industrial, commercial, and infrastructure. Steel's attributes such as strength, durability, versatility, and cost efficiency make it an ideal material for structures of many kinds. Here we examine the uses of steel structure buildings in factories, workshops, warehouses, and bridges, with insights from Lida Group on their experience in steel structure construction.

Steel Structure in Factories and Workshops

For manufacturing facilities and workshops, steel structures provide several key benefits:

• High load-bearing capacity. Steel structures can support heavy equipment and machinery used in production processes.

• Large clear spans. Steel beams and columns allow for wider open spaces within factories and workshops with few obstructions.

• Flexibility. Steel structures can be adapted easily to accommodate changes in layout and facility expansion.

• Durability. Steel withstands abrasion and impact from heavy industrial use, requiring less maintenance.

Lida Group has built numerous production plants and industrial workshops using steel structure buildings over their 30 years of operations. Their emphasis on quality steel, advanced welding technology and stringent construction standards ensures reliable steel structures for factories and workshops.

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Steel Warehouses

Steel is the material of choice for most warehouses due to its cost efficiency, large span capabilities and durability against weathering. Steel framed warehouses typically feature:

• Column-free interiors for maximum storage.

• High ceiling heights to accommodate storage racks and conveyor systems.

• Panels and cladding on exterior walls for weather resistance.

• Options for mezzanine floors and office build-outs.

Lida Group has constructed over 100,000 square meters of self-designed steel structure warehouses. Their expertise lies in optimizing space and racking systems within steel framed warehouses to maximize capacity and efficiency for clients.

Steel Bridges

Steel is the most common material used for modern bridge construction due to its:

• High strength-to-weight ratio which reduces material usage.

• Ease of prefabrication offsite and rapid assembly onsite.

• Durability against corrosion and abrasion.

• Ability to span longer distances between supports.

Lida Group has built over 100 steel bridge projects across China, including canopy bridges, pedestrian bridges and highway overpasses. Their experience involves designing custom steel structures to meet the unique requirements of each bridge project while adhering to international structural standards.

In summary, steel structure buildings demonstrate adaptability, efficiency and reliability across a wide range of industrial, commercial and infrastructure applications. Lida Group's 30+ years of experience demonstrates how steel, when properly designed and constructed, can create robust, economical and versatile structures for factories, warehouses and bridges that stand the test of time.

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