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06 Project Zone Container Camp of First phase Civil engineering construction prefab house and container house camp of NO.6 Qingdao Metro

Qingdao Metro Line 6 runs through the West Coast New District. It is the main line of public transportation in the central area of the new district, all of which are underground stations.The first stop of the first phase of the Metro Line 6 project is Xintun Road Station, and the end point is the Ecological Park Station. There are 21 stations with a total length of about 30 kilometers.In the future, Metro 6 will transfer to Metro 1, Metro 2 and other metros, and then people can freely travel between the East and North regions such as below picture.


The Camp 06 project of the first-phase civil engineering of Qingdao Metro No. 6 is located in Huangdao District, Qingdao City. It starts from Qiantang River Road, and runs along Chahe River Road, Fenjin Road, Songhua River Road, Tuanjie Road until Qianwangang Road.The construction includes two stations and three sections, that is, Qiantangjiang Road Station-Binhai College Station section, Binhai College Station, Binhai College Station-Qingyi West Hospital Station section and Qingyi West Hospital Station and Qingyi West Hospital Station-Gangtou Station section . The total length of the line is 4.46km.In particular, Binhai College Station will use ground excavation and underground excavation methods, and Qingyi West Hospital Station will use underground excavation methods to establish stations.A total of 3 double shield TBM tunneling construction is adopted in the section, with a TBM tunneling length of 6.38km.The total contract duration is 36 months.


The two stations and three sections of Qingdao Metro No. 6 are the Qianbin section, Binhai College Station, Binqing section, Qingyi Xiyuan District Station and Qinggang section.The 06 camp site project department of the first phase of Qingdao Metro 6 is located in the Hisense plot at the northwest corner of Qi Changcheng Road and Tuanjie Road (located in the middle of the project pipe section), covering an area of about 14,000 square meters.

In Qingdao, the era of subway transportation has come

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Lida Group as a professional manufacturer of steel structure buildings and temporary houses,to be a strategic partner of China Railway Group,we has contracted the temporary prefabricated container house camps of the project. The picture of the camp is shown as below:



Project Introduction

Customer Name: China Railway Group

Project name:  Camp 06 Project Department of the First Phase Civil Engineering Construction of Qingdao Metro No. 6

Project address: In the Hisense plot at the northwest corner of Changcheng Road and Tuanjie Road, Qi

Design and manufacture: Weifang Henglida Steel Structure Co., Ltd. (Lida Group)

Products used: prefabricated light steel structure temporary construction houses, shipping container houses, plat-pack container houses

Main functional areas: offices, meeting rooms, kitchens, restaurants, dormitory buildings, toilets, guard rooms, etc.

image.png  image.png  image.png

▲Camp Project

The office building of the project department is composed of 48 customized modular container rooms with 70 desks.

The staff dormitory is composed of 208 customized modular container rooms, including 88 small rooms prepared for visitors. Other living facilities and meeting rooms are light steel structure houses with an area of 830 square meters, which can accommodate 600 people and a meeting room of 100 people.



The office building is located in the center of the station and has a courtyard design. The office room is assembled by modular container house, the standard container size is 8.0m * 3m * 3m (including 2m corridor container), and the facade of the container house is inlaid with glass curtain wall.

uploads/   uploads/   uploads/

▲Inside corridor

The design of large-area glass curtain wall and inner corridor not only increases the lighting rate of the office, but also makes the office environment more closed, quiet and tidy

image.png  uploads/ image.png


A courtyard-type central garden is set in the center of the office area, and the field area is 100% hardened or planted with seedlings and grass.

image.png  uploads/

▲Meeting room

The project department also has a multimedia center meeting room. The meeting room is designed with light steel structure,Long 25m long * Wide 10m, the meeting room contains 9 high-definition LCD splicing displays, 10.8m * 3m background wall, 10.8 * 0.55m electronic display.It can meet 100 people meeting, training and other needs.


image.png  uploads/


The restaurant uses light steel structure design, including small restaurant, management restaurant and staff restaurant.


uploads/  image.png

▲basketball court

In order to enrich the entertainment activities of employees, the project department set up a standard basketball court with a length of 28m and a width of 15 on the east side of the office area,


▲Toiletfor meeting and office workers

  uploads/  uploads/  

image.png  uploads/

▲ flat-pack container house for accommodation


▲ Shipping Container Emergency Room


The steel frame structure is manufactured at the factory. The camp construction site is assembled by various functional modules, with the standard container house as the basic unit. It can be used for different purposes such as office , residence and so on, reflecting the concept of building green buildings.

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