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10 q light steel villa, all your questions in this?

by:Lida Group     2020-06-24
10 q light steel villa, all your questions in this? 1, the interior gypsum or calcium silicon plate if child rots away over a touch my hand is out of control? Heard of interior wall especially easy to deformation, is it? Answer: the current interior wall adopts calcium silicate, plasterboard used for ceiling. Calcium silicate board its high strength, light weight, and has good performance can be processed and incombustible; Interior panel on the light steel keel, and then to decorate cover, design and construction are in conformity with the specification requirements of the design and construction of construction, interior wall in no special forces ( Such as: earthquake, sabotage, etc. ) Cases not deformation. By the national building materials test center testing, the company adopts the interior wall of the calcium silicate board of flexural strength at around 12 mpa, equivalent to 120 kg, so it will not easily damage or deformation. 2, light steel villa is firm? Outside force will not lead to the villa fall down? A: light steel villa from design to construction are in conformity with the specification requirements of the design and construction and construction in such issues, such as earthquake and typhoon resistance is also meet the requirements of the building; In other force majeure factors ( Such as war, flash floods, landslides, etc. ) Under the influence, the same type buildings are unable to guarantee. Note: 9 intensity of earthquake, the hurricane of 70 m/s. 3, the freight how to calculate? Can give me a reference? Answer: because the project have different road conditions, between vehicles have different prices, and about 200 KM with 13 m long trucks, 15 to 20 yuan/KM. ( Specific company logistics department according to the project characteristics and quotation) Rong family light steel villa material of freight is not a specific price, depending on family size, distance, generally in the 200 - square - meter project material, around 1000 km distance, freight in about 10000 dollars, but it depends also budget of it this way: by 100 square 8 yuan/km, such as hunan loudi somewhere is 430 kilometers, the freight is to build a set of San Diego: 430 * ( 192 * 0. 08) = 6605 yuan, and finally the logistics accounting shall prevail. 4, can you do light steel villa house property card? Answer: can do, as long as your homestead legal, can independently in accordance with normal procedures to deal with. As long as you use of land through the government approval to build a new house, is can get property right card, concrete will be subject to the local policy. 5, can past security? Can the eia? Answer: can, the company is in accordance with the national standard 'regulations of technology of low-rise cold-formed thin-wall steel housing construction, design and construction, materials are passed the national related departments, has a corresponding test report. 6, the floor and the stairs is firm? A: the floor and stair design and construction of all conform to the specification requirements of the national building design and construction, all structure parts there is no such problem, floor and stair is conducted in accordance with the requirements for the mechanical design, the same through measuring the bearing load. Between plate and light steel keel with professional screw fixation, is very strong. 7, light steel building materials used in the safe? A: the company adopts the light steel and other building materials are to comply with relevant standards and requirements of use, has the certificate of quality, before delivery also have passed inspection, to ensure that qualified. Light steel villa is a technology originated in the United States, in the developed countries already have decades of history, very safe. , of course, our country also has its own standard, the standard of the light steel villa and higher than the national standards, please rest assured! Design parameters: 1) , suitable to the area resistance intensity requirement is 8 degrees; ( 2) The typhoon, can resist 12th level; ( 3) And roof load can reach 1. 55 kn / ㎡, quite eastern NATO 3 m thick, about 1 in xinjiang. 5 m thick; ( 4) , building fire resistance meet 2. 5 h 8 standard design and how many years can use, maintenance of the building is late? A: there is no question of normal use in seventy, outside the free maintenance period, we provide paid services. Company in accordance with the requirements of construction engineering commitment under the condition of conventional 50 years guarantee housing main body won't be damaged, outside decoration and special structure parts also have the corresponding quality assurance period; Company and set up aftersales services late docking the maintenance of the building, to solve such problems, meet the requirements of each owner. 9, decorate to punch on the wall? Answer: this kind of problem in the preliminary design stage and housing construction stage, according to owner requirements for appropriate reserved holes, pre hanging component parts such as structure embedded or do special processing, and the corresponding location mark meets the demand of the normal use of the owner, to ensure that subsequent decoration are not affected. 10, the structure of the wall will easily damaged? A: the company's light steel villa conform to the requirements of the combined national building and construction norms, such conventional forces will not cause substantial damage to the wall. For special forces lead to damage of exterior wall, given the nature of the company, light steel villa, building external wall and decoration are small local disassembly and repair.
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