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2018, please write the 16 words in your desk!

by:Lida Group     2020-07-20
At the beginning of 2018, this a few words, to the struggle on the road you! 01. No worries about the ambiguous future, just to clear now. 02. Only to change their attitude, can change the height of life. 03. Before you complain about money less effort, learn to let oneself value. 04. Degree represent the past, ability to learn on behalf of the future. 05. Tolerance for solitude to keep busy, the struggle of age do not choose the ease. 6. Some things are not see hope to insist, but insisted the will see hope. 07. Pressure is not someone than you work hard, but cattle several times than you are still trying. The euro. What you do, may temporarily can't see the success, but don't lose heart, you are not no growth, but in the root. 09. Between reality and ideal, is unchanged, dim and glory, is to develop. 10. Work is not idle people, teams do not lazy. 11. In a line, can make money, don't even learn to make yourself valuable first. 12. No other industry is good to earn money. 13. In the case of a work, which is not smooth, the point of gas is normal. 14. Can't make money and make knowledge; Making less than knowledge, experience; Earn experience, and earn experience; Above are made, it is impossible to earn money. 15. Only to change their attitude, can change the height of the life; Only to change their work attitude, can have a career high. 16. Let people lost only one, & ndash; — Age that is supposed to work, but think too much, doing too little. In 2018, to send you a word: dry!
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