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A qualified prefabricated houses should have what conditions? - Prefabricated houses

by:Lida Group     2020-10-14
Prefabricated houses in recent years are generally used in the construction site, it can ensure that the factory after the rest from work place, that a qualified prefabricated houses should have what conditions? Let's learn about the. 1, the panel enclosure panel ( The roof panel and wall panel) Should be no obvious deformation and damage; The retaining bolt, waterproof gasket, metal gasket, nylon sleeve is complete, the connection is reliable. Sealant is complete and effective. 2, smooth panel removable panels should be installed, the removable panel opening should be straight, and a panel of overlap in the right direction. 3, attached to the wall plate installation should be correct, the surface smooth; Embedded wall should level off installation, lap seam should be stitched up and down, and the outer plate shall be lap, lap length not less than 15 mm. 4, prefabricated houses circuit should use PVC tube ( Slot) And wiring to be tidy and beautiful. Electrical configuration comply with the design requirements. 5, fire resistance, fire prevention spacing should comply with the design and specification requirements, burner should level off; Fire hydrant, fire extinguisher configuration comply with the design requirements, reasonable arrangement; The kitchen fire and heat insulation measures should be effective; Fire metal sandwich board oxygen index below shall not be less than 32, floor of wood of flammable materials such as fire prevention should be done. 6, lightning protection, lightning protection grounding set comply with the design specification requirements; The test of the grounding resistance should be. 7, anticorrosion, steel parts should be spray paint a complete, no rust, exposed bolts should be appropriate protection. Strong corrosive environment anticorrosion measures to comply with the design requirements; Mobile home around the drainage should be smooth, no water, no clutter. If you want to learn more on prefabricated house information, welcome to our website to understand: http://www.
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