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According to their own needs, choose the container trailer - wonderful Company news

by:Lida Group     2020-11-01
Today such mobile development spreading gradually, become the fashion of improve people's housing, walked into the society of people's lives. This kind of trailer adopts style to design a container, because of his appearance similar to container, so we this kind of house, can the be fond of according to you at the same time problem in a free, installation. In short, it is according to their own needs, choose the water mark of container trailer. A: if you have limited funds for container house and privacy requirement is high, it is recommended that you use the model steel window with insulation wall insulation roofing as peripheral maintenance class container house. 2: if you buy this container house, not to live, but the cultivation of flowers, so we recommend that you choose activity room there is a glass roof, skylight container trailer, it will be good for the photosynthesis of plants. 3: if you buy such trailer mainly includes to develop the leisure culture and entertainment activities, at the same time requirement of large area, so it is recommended that you choose the roof can be designed through open trailer, this kind of trailer both caigang sex good, and have the characteristics of the heat preservation and heat insulation, is very convenient.
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