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Activity room analysis of plastic steel and aluminum alloy which material is better for windows

by:Lida Group     2022-05-07

In the past, people's window materials were still made of steel. As a result, I don't know when they started to see steel windows in the market. They gradually turned into plastic-steel windows and some more. For windows made of aluminum alloy, which material is better, aluminum alloy or plastic steel? Let's take a look at the activity room below!

1. So far, the market share of plastic-steel windows may be larger than that of aluminum alloys, because the production cost of aluminum alloy doors and windows is much higher than that of plastic-steel windows, so unless some families with good conditions, few people will use aluminum. Alloy doors and windows generally choose plastic steel windows for the installation of doors and windows.

2. In terms of aesthetics, aluminum alloy and plastic-steel windows are basically the same. Originally, the color of plastic-steel windows was relatively monotonous and only white, but now plastic-steel windows also have colored profiles, and the choice of color is not so good. It's monotonous, and now the color of plastic steel windows is as much as that of aluminum alloys, which is indistinguishable in terms of aesthetics. As for how to choose, it all depends on personal preference.

3. Which of these two materials has good thermal insulation properties? From the perspective of the material, aluminum alloys, as the name suggests, are aluminum products and general metal products are not insulated, while plastic steel windows are plastic products. Thermal properties are much better than aluminum alloys made of metal, so plastic steel windows are better than aluminum alloys in terms of thermal insulation.

The above is the analysis of the two kinds of materials shared with you by the mobile room.

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