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Activity room doors and windows specific installation methods and skills

by:Lida Group     2022-02-19

The prefab house is used as temporary housing for workers, so its structure should be no different from that of ordinary housing. It should have doors and windows, otherwise it will definitely not be comfortable to live in. However, for prefab houses, its structure is similar to that of construction housing. There are certain differences in the structure of the doors and windows, so there are still certain skills when choosing the location and size of the doors and windows to install. Now let's take a look at the installation skills of the doors and windows of the movable room with the prefab house manufacturers.

About the installation skills of doors and windows of prefabricated houses

1. When installing doors and windows, the dimensions and openings of doors and windows should be The size is a tight fit, generally, the size of doors and windows should be controlled to be about 5 mm smaller than the size of the opening. Otherwise, an excessively large difference will cause difficulties in installation.

2. The position of doors and windows is generally installed on steel wall beams. In buildings with sandwich panel wall panels, doors and windows are also installed on the wall. For the method on the board, at this time, holes should be made in the wall board according to the size of the door and window.

3. When the doors and windows are installed on the wall beams, the edging pieces around the doors and windows should be installed first, and the flashing side should be pressed on the wall. Outside edges of doors and windows.

4. After the doors and windows of the color steel plate room are in place and temporarily fixed, the verticality and horizontality of the doors and windows should be measured, and then the doors and windows are correct. fixed.

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