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Advantages and Types of Temporary Activity Houses on Construction Sites

by:Lida Group     2022-02-27

The prefab house is a kind of environmentally friendly and economical prefab house with color steel plate as the skeleton, sandwich panel as the enclosure material, standard module series for space integration, and bolts for the components. It can be assembled and disassembled conveniently and quickly, realizes the general standardization of temporary buildings, establishes the concept of environmental protection, energy saving and fast construction, and makes temporary houses enter a series of development, integrated production, supporting supply, inventory and more. Areas of styling products used in sub-turnarounds.

The prefab house is a steel-wood structure. Its characteristics are: can be disassembled at will, easy to transport, easy to move, and the mobile house is suitable for being located on hillsides, hills, grasslands, deserts, and rivers. It does not take up space and can be built to a range of 15-160 square meters. The movable room is hygienic and clean, with complete indoor facilities. The movable room has strong stability and durability, and has a beautiful appearance.

Designed according to customer requirements, exquisite and elegant, good thermal insulation performance, warm in winter and cool in summer, most of the structure of the prefab is completed in the factory. It is suitable for all kinds of construction sites as office migrant workers' dormitories. It can also be used for flat top plus layers, various warehouses, etc. For the cement movable room, the load-bearing system of this product is safe with steel structure, and the wall adopts double-layer steel wire mesh.

Lightweight thermal insulation material and high-grade cement prefabricated composite board, heat preservation, heat insulation, light weight, high strength, machine-made cement tile for the top surface, color water brush surface for the outer wall, plastic for the inner wall The pattern wallpaper decoration interior adopts aluminum alloy keel gypsum board ceiling, which is beautiful and novel, convenient and fast for transportation and installation, steel windows, steel doors, glass, locks, and complete supporting facilities.

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