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Advantages and uses of prefabricated houses

by:Lida Group     2022-02-20

1. Advantages of prefabricated houses

1. Reliable structure:

The steel frame structure system is safe and reliable, and meets the requirements of building structure design specifications.

2. Easy to disassemble and assemble

Only simple tools are needed for house installation. The house can be disassembled and reassembled more than ten times, and the reuse rate is very high. The three-story standard building (370.24m2) can be assembled in 3 days for 8 people.

3. Beautiful appearance

The overall appearance of the house is beautiful and generous. The interior and exterior walls and roofs are made of color steel sandwich panels. The core material is polystyrene foam plastic. It is very harmonious with the steel frame of the house and has a good decorative effect. The house is very decorative.

4. Flexible layout:

Doors and windows can be set in any position. The indoor partition can be set at any horizontal axis position, and the partition can also be installed after the house is installed. The staircase is an outdoor staircase and can be configured parallel to the front and rear walls or the gable.

5. Structural waterproofing:

The roof adopts a structural waterproofing design, and no additional waterproofing treatment is required.

6. Light weight:

The weight is about 50㎏/㎡, which is very convenient for component installation, stacking, transportation and storage.

7. Long service life:

All steel frame members are treated with anti-corrosion spraying. The life of the house can be up to 20 years.

8. Environmental protection products:

The house design is reasonable, the disassembly and assembly are simple, the house can be disassembled and assembled more than ten times, the disassembly and assembly loss rate is very low, and the disassembly and assembly does not produce construction waste.

Second, use

It can be widely used in offices, conference rooms, command posts, dormitories, warehouses, shops, roofs and floors in the fields of construction, railways, highways, water conservancy, petroleum, commerce, tourism and military And various temporary housing, can also be used as a fixed building.

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