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Advantages of integrated house are what

by:Lida Group     2020-07-14
Which has the advantages of integrated house are

integrated housing compared with the traditional brick structure of the housing, new building materials system has the advantages of the integration of the house are irreplaceable: the general structure of brick wall thickness of the building is 240 mm, and prefabricated houses in the same area under the condition of less than 240 mm, while the thickness of the wall body is relatively small, but the integration of the indoor usable area of the building is much bigger than the traditional brick structure building.

according to the value of using other research plan, people usually consider when making integrated housing its practical application in the real value in which stage can play a biggest role. Comprehensive integrated housing the biggest characteristic is: houses, light weight, wetlands less homework, short time limit. Building thermal performance is good, integrated housing wall panel is to use heat insulation foam caigang sandwich panels. And integrated home building materials used in the most recyclable degradation, low cost, is the green house. Brick mix structure are especially not environmental protection, a lot of use clay, ecological damage reduced the arable land, therefore, integrated housing in the breakthrough of science and technology and application, will be a long term, will change the traditional construction mode, makes the human living costs become smaller, living environment better. Can make significant effect on the environmental protection.

after the building, integrate the general can be put into use, and like brick and concrete structure building after renovation is typically after a long ventilation before use.
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