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Advantages of living container in natural disasters

by:Lida Group     2023-01-30

Nowadays, with the occurrence of natural disasters, the construction of temporary shelters has become particularly important. When encountering natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and droughts, new types of housing such as living containers with a short construction period will give full play to their advantages. It can calm the mood of the affected people to a great extent and help them get through difficult times.

  Advantage 1: Low construction cost, can be mass-produced, and can be put into use quickly. In the case of natural disasters, the resettlement of the affected people is very urgent. If you choose a living container for construction, its cost is small, and it can be directly transported by vehicle, and it can be put into use immediately. It's reliable when it comes to speed.

  Advantage 2: Safe and reliable, good protection, and reusable. Since the residential container belongs to the overall solid frame structure, it is relatively safe and reliable after it is built. It has a good anti-seismic and anti-compression effect, which can prevent the possibility of secondary trauma after a disaster, and the protection brought by natural disasters is also very good. After the reconstruction of the disaster area, the living container can also be recycled, which will not cause waste of resources.

Advantage three: good living environment and high comfort. In the past, when encountering natural disasters, tents were built for living and use. However, compared with living containers, living containers have outstanding advantages. Not only is the living environment better, but it is also easier to clean and clean, and the comfort level has also been significantly improved.

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