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Analysis of common building types in steel structure engineering

by:Lida Group     2022-02-22

Analysis of common construction types of steel structure projects

There are many different types of steel structure projects in construction according to different actual needs. Moreover, most of the steel structures are connected by welding, relatively speaking, the stability will be higher, the welding method is relatively firm, the welding is tight, and there will be no fracture results, and the service life of the steel structure building is also very strong, precisely because Many large factories will choose these aspects, and the steel structure project can also be built according to the actual needs of customers. Let me introduce the five common types to you!

1. Structural type: frame - frame beams and frame columns form a multi-layer frame, which is used for high-rise civil and public buildings.

2. Bent frame type - steel roof truss, steel truss, steel column or concrete column, used for single-storey factory buildings (medium-sized, heavy-duty).

3. Rigid frame type - composed of steel columns and steel beams, used for single-storey factory buildings.

4. Grid frame type - steel or concrete columns and standard rods are continuously combined, which are used for public buildings with large bays.

5. Other types - special houses such as the Olympic Bird's Nest and so on.

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