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Analysis of the reasons why the prefab house is also called the integrated house?

by:Lida Group     2022-02-20

We all know that the prefab house is different from the traditional house. It abandons the traditional cement steel bar and adopts a new and modern technology. The light steel is used as the skeleton and the sandwich panel is used as the envelope material. Space combination, in theory, is the product of modern high-tech technology, a commercial product that can realize all living conditions. The prefab house has the construction concept of fast, convenient, efficient and energy-saving. It is a series of stereotyped products that are developed, integrated production, supporting supply, stockpiled and can be used for multiple turnovers.

Why are prefab houses also called integrated houses? Because the prefab house is formed by various systems, mainly composed of structural system, ground system, floor system, wall system and roof system, and each system is composed of several unit modules. It is uniformly made in the factory, and the house is assembled on site by unit modules. The integrated house can be disassembled and moved without causing damage to the land, and the construction period of the integrated house site is less than half of that of a traditional building, with fine workmanship and excellent quality, realizing integrated manufacturing.

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