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Another container, these different container you know?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-23
The type of container has a lot of, common container are generally shipping containers. Due to the popularity of container and evolutionary process effect, the container into one container, trailer site and so on. Container is so different, so the container do you understand? A: open top container open top container no roof, but the collapsible supporting point of the top beam of white canvas, plastic sheeting or plastic coated cloth made of canopy, use lifting equipment from the roof above cargo handling, open the top of the box can be opened or without the container, stationary and transported to the waterproof cloth cover at the top, the tightness and same dry trunk. Two: the frame container frame container no tank top and sides, its characteristic is handling container side. Overloaded goods as the key object, can be conducive to large and medium-sized super wide, high lifting goods. Three: livestock choose stainless steel wire mesh container cattle side, good ventilation standard, and is advantageous to the feed. Is committed to the transportation of cattle, horses and other theme content and unique container manufacturing. Four: platform container container close to the railway line flatbed truck, is the bearing capacity of high blank and there is no container of upper structure. Suitable for the overload is longer than the other goods, length to 6 meters, 4 meters wide, 4. 5 meters long and containing 40 tonnes. And the contents of each container can connect two platform, 80 metric tons of goods, transport vehicle is extremely convenient. Five: wall consists of 4 - ventilated container box Six vents, inner cavity plastic coated layer, suitable for the fresh vegetables and fresh fruits such as afraid of the cold fear of tightness of goods. 6: in the adiabatic container adiabatic container insulation board, roof and can adjust the Angle of view into the air vents, can use external gas and wind frequency to adjust the temperature in the box, when closed to within the time must not be affected by outside air temperature. Is suitable for the goods transportation is more sensitive to temperature humidity.
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