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Are light steel villas not durable? Look at the light steel villas built around you!

by:Lida Group     2022-01-25

Light steel villas have been popular in my country for a period of time. When they first became popular, people often doubted whether light steel villas were safe and durable. It has become more and more mature, and the question of durability has long been outdated. If you don't believe it, take a look at the light steel villas around. Have many people built light steel villas? As an emerging industry, light steel villas are developing rapidly in our country. After several years of development, light steel villas have blossomed everywhere in our country. Regarding the durability of light steel villas, if you want to know the most intuitive feeling, you can learn from our qualified steel structure. The user who builds the house understands. The reason why the light steel villa is durable is mainly because of its unique framework and supporting construction materials. The building frame of the light steel villa adopts the new building material light steel keel. The light steel keel is made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel strip as raw material and rolled by cold-formed thin-wall technology. The yield strength is Q550, which can be very It can well meet the requirements of large-scale and light-weight construction machinery. Galvanized steel can prevent the corrosion of moisture and guarantee that the corrosion is less than 0.1 micron for three years, that is to say, the life of 8 micron galvanized steel components can reach 240 years under normal use conditions. On this basis, the service life of the light steel villa is at least 70 years. In addition, the yield strength of the light steel keel enables the light steel villa to still exist firmly under the action of earthquakes and hurricanes. Wall construction materials mainly include extruded plastic board, OSB board, glass fiber wool, asphalt shingle, gypsum board, metal carved board. The use of these materials ensures the thermal insulation, thermal insulation and sound insulation performance of the house. While meeting the durability of the house, the light steel villa also ensures the comfort of the house, which not only ensures a good living experience for the user, but also ensures the personal safety of the user. Light steel villas first appeared in front of people as earthquake-resistant temporary resettlement houses, and they can still exist intact after being tested by earthquakes in the earthquake area, which shows that light steel villas are durable. Owners who want to build houses don't need to worry, you see, have the people around them put aside their concerns and built light steel villas?

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