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Basic knowledge of container houses

by:Lida Group     2022-01-26

1. The steel frame material of the container prefab can be made of 2mm~3.5mm hot-rolled steel plate or hot-rolled galvanized steel. If the customer does not make special requirements, the container prefab should be The frame thickness is 2.75mm (due to the fact that 3mm thick steel plates cannot be found on the market these days). 2. Surface treatment method for beams, columns and corner pieces of export containers One coat of ~70μm alkyd topcoat. 2. When the steel is galvanized with hot-rolled steel, the zinc layer content is ≥ 180g, then spray an epoxy primer with a thickness of 10μm and an epoxy intermediate paint, and finally spray a layer of alkyd topcoat with a thickness of 60μm. 3. Corner fittings of the container prefab: The corner fittings are of ISO standard size, with a total of 8 corner fittings on the upper and lower sides. The corner fittings are one-time casting. The thickness of the top plate of the corner fittings used for the top frame is 20mm, which is used for the corners of the bottom frame. The thickness of the top plate is 10mm. In order to facilitate movement and suitable for forklift transportation, a slot is welded on the bottom long beam. The distance between the two slots is 1200mm, and the size of the fork slot is 90mm×280mm. 3. The bottom plate of the export container movable room is composed of the bottom steel frame, the floor base layer, the floor surface layer, and the floor edge strip. Among them, there are the following options for the floor base: 1. The first type, multi-layer plywood: the thickness is 18mm, the surface of the plywood is covered with a waterproof film, and the plywood meets the GB18580-2001E1 standard. Thermal conductivity 0.12W/(㎡k). 2. The second type: cement fiber board: thickness 18mm, non-combustible grade A material, in line with GB8624 standard. Thermal conductivity 0.3W/(㎡k). Fourth, the roof of the export container: the roof is made of 0.5mm thick color steel plate, 50mm thick glass wool and 75mm thick foam board superimposed to achieve good heat insulation. 5. Advantages of export container prefab house: 1. Convenient transportation and hoisting, can be moved by forklift or crane superposition of layers. 3. Beautiful appearance: The wall is made of color steel sandwich panels, with a combined design of small panels. The product is connected scientifically, the surface is smooth and smooth, and it has high thermal insulation, sound insulation and heat insulation effects. 4. Strong weather resistance: It has good corrosion resistance such as acid, alkali and salt spray, and is suitable for use in various humid and corrosive environments. It has the characteristics of waterproof, sound insulation, heat preservation, sealing, easy cleaning, easy maintenance and beautiful appearance. 5. Wide range of applications: temporary offices, headquarters, conference rooms, staff dormitories, as well as permanent shops, schools, container houses, hotels, etc.

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