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Beijing 9 advantage analytic one container

by:Lida Group     2020-07-17
Live one container at 9 o 'clock advantage

live one container because of its flexible mobility, can be customized, used for many purposes, cheap and become the latest must-haves in the construction site temporary building, supported by the construction site. Live one container has 9 big advantages?

1, the roof and floor, entirely prefabricated circuit system, laid floor. Live one container interior can be done directly by the manufacturer. Live one container inside, one container of steel structure system puts housing has excellent resistance to 120 km/h wind speed; Lightweight structure in the house when the earthquake disaster is stronger than the seismic fortification intensity of 8, showing good integrity. 4, the overall can live one container transportation, also can remove the package transportation. 5, less to the foundation and the environment, to use after the scene. 6, one container can be recycled, lasts for 20 years, in use process does not produce construction waste. 7, live one container of roofing waterproof structure design, strengthened the container room airtight and watertight. 8, according to actual application, choose add with rain loose, such as accessories.

9, container house can be around before and after below.

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