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Beijing and resist wind container price advantage

by:Lida Group     2020-07-04
And resist the wind live one container price advantage

production of live one container is a new type of mobile products, using steel, sandwich board, aluminum parts, concrete, wood, ceramic tile, glass, paint and other materials through standard process refined but become, have namely take the box, mobile anytime and anywhere, anytime and anywhere recovery, recycling, safety, environmental protection, beautiful, economy, shortcut, high efficiency, etc.

live one container are generally not welded structure, this structure can bear more pressure and impact, can very good resist natural disasters such as earthquake typhoon attack, let people can live more at ease. In one container, the mobile home products such as prefabricated houses on the market structure is not strong enough, such as typhoon meet prone to apart, collapse and other adverse conditions. Therefore, people who live in these mobile products before the typhoon will move out in advance, such as after a typhoon to move back the trailer building maintenance, so very troublesome, but also for the customer loss is very big, some mobile products and even destroyed by all, can only choose to buy. For people who live in these mobile products is not very convenient, also need to other temporary accommodation for a few days, the inside of the trailer items some inconvenient to carry only inside, if mobile apart, the collapse of the case, then the goods can't survive. Appear in one container, then the stronger mobile product's performance in the typhoon let people see the hope, in other mobile products were hit hardest, container mostly intact living people, don't need to repair or to set up after the typhoon, the peripheral items in order to continue to use, more secure. This contrast to let customers have more and better choices. Some coastal cities live people in each container factory after a typhoon will be unusually busy, need to produce more live one container products to cope with the sudden increase in orders. Where people start is to choose the prefabricated house product, but the typhoon loss to let them see the defect of the prefabricated houses and the advantage of the container, so usually choose to use one container products, so that we can better withstand the typhoon, so the overall cost is lower.

one container price material benefit, firm structure, can withstand greater pressure and impact, can very good against the attack of typhoon, the customer can choose to buy or rent according to the circumstance to container products.

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