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Beijing container box rental prices

by:Lida Group     2020-07-20
Container box rental prices

is committed to the mobile control box, mobile box, integrated control box, etc. Collection of scientific research, development, design, production, construction and after-sales service as one of the modern environmental protection enterprises to guard control box, security booths, etc. To provide you with the best container box rental prices. It can customize according to customer's requirements.

container type box is made of light steel structure, which is convenient mobile installation, durable, suitable for various places, the guard and alarm, parking lot, cashier, etc.

custom types are used for box: toll booths, box of police, traffic police box, public security sentry box, toll booths, smoking control box, kiosks, shelters, kiosks,

1) The sentry box column is made of stainless steel ¢140 ( A quarter) Cylinder; Skeleton for 70 * 50 stainless steel plate forming dragon framework; ( 2) A 1. 0 mm thick stainless steel plate as a sentry box outside decorating plate, aluminum-plastic plate on inside as a decoration; ( 3) Spread 2 box floor is made of 15 mm plywood. 0 non-slip aluminum plate; ( 4) Box stainless steel push-pull window, window is 5 mm thick transparent toughened glass. ( 5) Inside the box casing all lines to hide in the box interlayer;

( 6) Box within the standard stainless steel office, distribution box, switch, socket, fluorescent lamp plate

the main production of stainless steel box, glass fiber reinforced plastic box, aluminum box, caigang box, metal carve patterns or designs on woodwork plate box, plastic box, aluminum box, wooden box, glass box, modular control box and a series of various box customized products.

production of container that box, mobile anytime and anywhere, anytime and anywhere recovery, recycling, safety, environmental protection, beautiful, economy, shortcut, high efficiency, etc.
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