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Beijing container trailer have what characteristic

by:Lida Group     2020-07-02
has the characteristic which

the advantages of container house, fair prices, quality assurance, wear-resisting and durable. Container of your choice! Introduce container trailer has the characteristic which small make up for you?

1, choi steel plate by adhesive, and polystyrene adhesive rolling, give full play to the characteristics of different materials, thus trailer good fireproof and heat preservation sex and sound insulation performance.

2) mobile all artifacts using standardized prefabricated factory production, not only convenient installation, disassembly, are free to add, reduce, change the position of the door, window, partition enrich the functionality of the layout of the prefabricated houses and buildings.

3, realize recycling of trailer parts and components after galvanized, lasts for 20 years, in use process does not produce any construction waste.

4, trailer parts completely tear open outfit, easy to transport the house cost savings. 5 makes mobile houses, steel structure system has excellent resistance to 86. The ability of 4 km/h wind speed; Lightweight prefabricated housing structure in the house when the earthquake disaster is stronger than the seismic fortification intensity of 7, showed good integrity.

6, senior mobile with cold-formed thin-walled light steel structure system, walls, roof, covered with caigang composite sandwich plate.

7, large slope of the trailer roofing waterproof structure design, strengthen the building of airtight, watertight.

8) mobile quality is light, easy to install, 6 skilled workers can install 200 ㎡ houses a day.

9, trailer factory, can according to the actual application, choose a match condole top, tear open outfit ground, disassembling overhangs, caigang door fittings, etc.

10, prefabricated houses, strong adaptability to the environment, easy installation, can be a lot of as affordable, cheap temporary office, accommodation and other purposes.

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