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Beijing container trailer quotation analysis

by:Lida Group     2020-06-24
quotation analysis

container house affordable only 6 yuan a day, less than two hundred yuan a month. Complete production of container house style novel, hardcover, thermal insulation, strong and durable. This container have with color plates assembled, have a plenty of all steel structure house, mainly composed of 2 - Around 3 mm thickness steel plate welding and become, have fixed the pillar of the house. Upper and lower two layers for welding steel tile, again on the shop floor. Wall insulation materials, rock wool board, glass wool board, which call be bored with child, install socket, fluorescent lamp. High profile some, also can install toilet, shower, kitchen. According to master mortgage container factory, this container trailer can be added together. At the bottom of the container to withstand two tons of pressure.

choi steel container and the container of all steel structure has its own advantages, to buy time should be according to the actual situation, such as money, use the length of time, and so on. All steel structure of container is strong, the advantages of each container can use fixed number of year for more than 15 years, can fight 12 level winds. It is well received by the site.

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