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Beijing container trailer to maintain a few tips

by:Lida Group     2020-06-29
to maintain a few tips

what container trailer maintenance will make overall more secure, here small make up container trailer and share with you in the future maintenance of a few tips.

1, when we each time according to the lubrication chart before starting the timing, quantitative add lubricant, oil should be clean and no precipitation. 2, container trailer should often clean, not the parts of the paint to be antirust oil, keep the house clean and dry. 3, motor bearing lubrication in overflow oil to change regularly, and regularly check the safe and reliable electrical parts work is normal. 4, the use of container trailer after a cycle shall regularly check the v belt, button is damaged, badly worn should be replaced in a timely manner, and spare parts.

5, when checked, don't forget we shall regularly check repair switch, ensure the reliable operation.

that's small make up to tell you about when making production, we should do of container trailer in the use of maintenance, you know, proper maintenance can reduce the problems when using, at the same time, will also extend the use of the product. Increase the product safety.

summer, the rain weather, and rent or sell to the customer's container trailer products are need to apply sealant, and compensate for sealant failure appeared gap, the gap in the rain weather will appear slack, cause a lot of trouble to people's life. For some years ago in outer container house products, rent or sell leaking condition will be some more, as a result, the requirement of container trailer manufacturer received this time maintenance will much more special, need to constantly send maintenance personnel door to door service for the customer. In addition, need maintenance and many other all sorts of problems, such as floor tile rupture, locks, tube burn out bad bad situation, these all need maintenance, to ensure the normal use of container trailer, let people's life return to normal state. The container trailer product maintenance frequency is associated with the quality of container trailer, if the production workshop staff more carefully by heart, do the details better, can greatly reduce the number and frequency of the maintenance, reduce the maintenance cost factory.
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