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Beijing container trailer where the role of advantage

by:Lida Group     2020-07-17
where the role of advantage?

container house manufacturing in China at present is more, and a commanding lead in the production field. Our annual production capacity has reached 5. 8 million TEU container ( (teus) , the highest in the world. The first production of the specifications of the container varieties, then output the size of the container house where the role of advantage?

( 1) Can use repeatedly for a long period of time, has the enough strength.

( 2) On the way transit without moving the contents change can directly.

( 3) Can quickly for loading and unloading, and can conveniently change directly from a transport to another transport.

( 4) The goods of fill and discharge air is very convenient.

( 5) The volume is big, more goods. ( 6) Specifications and standards, and the ship in the harbour can cascade, save a lot of space.

the standardization of container's big success lies in its products and establishes a complete set of transport system. Can make a load dozens of tons of monster standardize, and on this basis, gradually achieve global shipping, ports, routes, roads, hubs, Bridges, tunnels, multimodal transport logistics system matching, it is one of the great miracle of the creation of human history.

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