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Beijing integrated the advantages and USES of the building,

by:Lida Group     2020-07-08
, the advantages of integrated house and use the

, the advantages of integrated housing and USES

integrated housing ( Also called mobile or dismantling houses many times) , began in the late 50 s. Its main concept is through a prefabricated wall, roofing, etc. , in the factory according to the design requirements for processing, represented by the steel structure bearing structure, able to quickly assemble according to complete a building model of the building.

integrated housing characteristics is a professional design, production, standardization, modularization, generalization and easy to demolition, installation is convenient, convenient transportation, storage, can be used repeatedly, the turnover of temporary or permanent housing. Use

it is widely used in the construction site temporary office, dormitory; Traffic, water conservancy, oil, gas and other large buildings for construction field exploration and field operations; City office, civil placement, exhibition and other temporary housing; Tourism leisure villa, vacation homes; By the earthquake relief and the military field.

advantage integrated housing compared with the traditional brick structure of the housing, new building materials system has the advantages of the integration of the house are irreplaceable: the general structure of brick wall thickness of the building is 240 mm, and the prefabricated houses in the same area under the condition of less than 240 mm. Integrated the indoor usable area of the building is much bigger than the traditional brick structure building. Integrated housing light weight, wetland less homework, short time limit. Building thermal performance is good, integrated housing wall panel is to use heat insulation foam caigang sandwich panels. And integrated home building materials used in the most recyclable degradation, low cost, is the green house. Brick mix structure are especially not environmental protection, a lot of use clay, ecological damage reduced the arable land, therefore, integrated housing in the breakthrough of science and technology and application, will be a long term, will change the traditional construction mode, makes the human living costs become smaller, living environment better. Can make significant effect on the environmental protection.
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