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Beijing integration extensive use of the building

by:Lida Group     2020-07-06
Integrated housing widely USES

integration the field construction of the building, is a traditional construction mode of 10% 30%. Integrated housing quality more fine, has realized the traditional construction mode cm error to factory manufacturing millimeter level.

by the structure of the building integration system, ground, floor, wall, roofing system, each system is composed of several modular units, unit module have been built in a factory, building site performed by unit module assembly. Integrated housing can tear open outfit, portable, not destroy the land. Implemented in one thousand to house the 'real estate' to 'personal property' attribute transformation, achieved in one thousand to 'real estate' property and 'real estate' complete separation. Widely used in the construction site temporary office, dormitory; Traffic, water conservancy, oil, gas and other large buildings for construction field exploration and field operations; City office, civil placement, exhibition and other temporary housing; Tourism leisure villa, vacation homes; By the earthquake relief and the military field. After nearly 50 years of development, in Europe and the United States and the Japanese market development scale and industry concentration, has reached a higher level. Japan formed by daiwa house group, the east China sea house represented by integral and folding, Europe and the United States formed general equipment company in the United States long GE, ALHO ALGECO in France, Germany, Japan as representative's box housing. China also gradually used in the 70 s, in the late 90 s, some companies see will gradually expand and the application of integrated housing in the future may be a revolutionary impact, start from the simple prefabricated house manufacturing to production can be overall residential transformation of permanent residence. In mainland China has generated more technology have scale integrated housing manufacturing company, its products with low prices, superior performance, such as energy-saving, environmental protection has been exported to all over the world. Also have several domestic research and development, production in the field of integrated building, the construction of the leading enterprises, but most of the small business specialization level, taking low-priced line new phenomenon is obvious. At the same time, because our country in this respect has not been perfect the relevant regulations, lonesome sui generis situation is bound to affect the popularization and application
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