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Beijing live one container leasing of choose and buy should meet three conditions

by:Lida Group     2020-07-11
Live one container leasing of choose and buy should meet container prefabricated houses which three conditions for people introduced advanced modern household design concept, using steel plates, sandwich board, bolt, aluminum parts, concrete, wood, ceramic tile, glass, paint and other materials through standard process refined but become one-piece trailer, with that box, mobile anytime and anywhere, anytime and anywhere recovery, recycling, safety, environmental protection, beautiful, economy, shortcut, high efficiency, etc. And environmental protection, also does not produce any waste, won't produce any pollution around, it's like a box, can move anytime and anywhere.

lives of choose and buy one container leasing which three conditions should be met for the first, the customer if to buy one container house, should not only consider the price. Heat preservation, fire prevention, no pollution is most important. Workers live in container inside, should feel the warmth of home, before buying, should consult the container wall panel sheet metal and the thickness of the insulation sandwich panel, too thin, affect the heat preservation effect. Second: leasing container house most ask next product is fireproof, if use don't set fire to the polystyrene choi steel containers, combustion would produce a lot of anger, these gases will cause suffocation within seconds, a serious threat to the safety of the residents. Third: buying or leasing container house should not only consider the appearance and the price, it should be taken into account the problem of pollution. Buy into the inside of a house first before actual feeling, if have pungent smell, smell don't buy the lease. May be all container materials, environmental protection is not up to standard, produces a large amount of formaldehyde, should find strength larger manufacturers.
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