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Beijing second-hand container manufacturers

by:Lida Group     2020-06-29
Second-hand container manufacturer

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with the rapid development of global container shipping, each year, more than millions of TEU of various types of containers are manufactured, the new container is the main users of major container shipping company and container leasing company.

due to the strict requirement of the container transportation, the use fixed number of year of new container in 10 to 15 years or so, so every year a large number of containers to be eliminated. Especially in the period of economic recession, the lack of container shipping, container, less demand for many companies will choose to shorten the use fixed number of year to accelerate elimination process. These be eliminated down waste container has become a second-hand container.

3 main types of second-hand container USES

1. Is the purpose of the second-hand container early as scrap metal recycling. Because the container is all made by metal, such as ordinary dry container components are steel, reefer container components are stainless steel, stainless iron, aluminum, etc. , so early is based on container be eliminated down as scrap metal recycling.

2。 Good second-hand container after renovation to use as a means of transport, etc. Container be eliminated down is often just due to the use fixed number of year, is not can't use, especially in the economic downturn, many can normal use of the container were eliminated using less than 10 years. Therefore, the appearance and performance are good container after renovation and performance test, can also be used as transportation tools such as normal.

3。 Second-hand container be made into all kinds of container houses. It is only in recent years developed a new use, is developing very rapidly, and the prospects are very broad. Container house is a kind of security high, low carbon environmental protection, high flexibility and strong adaptability of architectural form, compared with the traditional brick structure building way, can reduce loss of about 60% water construction, concrete, reduce construction waste and waste about 70% of decorate, shorten the construction period by more than 40%, about 50% energy saving, reduce the urban noise pollution and dust pollution, the overall production efficiency about 2 ~ 3 times.

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