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Beijing several characteristics of the container

by:Lida Group     2020-07-13
Live several features live the container of one type of container and trailer, and more get the welcome of people, than the average mobile room in one container because has the characteristics of a few very dominant. 1, live one container volume is small, simple structure, manufacture, installation, disassembly, mobile, transportation is very convenient, don't need to spend a lot of human resources, in many situations can be used. 2, if you live in is the one container, you don't need to worry about can't move to use elsewhere, it's big advantage is that can always move move, as long as a big truck, you could just where this can be your home. Container 3, for people in the process of use and move move, will not produce a lot of construction waste, won't produce pollution to the environment, and the use of raw materials is also more environmentally friendly.

4, live container although no buildings looked so strong, but it is not the case, its life is long, but wind, seismic, energy conservation, environmental protection, drainage system such as the function is all ready, is also pretty comfortable to live in.

is one of the largest live people the earliest container brand, mainly for building construction, municipal engineering, subway, railway, highway and other infrastructure construction sites provide live one container, the container house, container house design, manufacture, transport, rental, sales, services, and provide walls for the construction site, toilet, sentry box, iron bed, air conditioning and other supporting equipment leasing and sales services.

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