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Beijing what conditions according to the choose and buy one container

by:Lida Group     2020-07-20
In one container according to what conditions to choose

choose container, the main consideration, is according to the different kinds of goods, property, shape, packaging, size, weight, and shipping requirements, adopt the appropriate box. Must first consider whether the cargo hold, and then consider whether economically reasonable, and the goods is in accordance with the requirements of transportation conditions. The container before loading the goods, have to pass strict inspection. Defective container, light cause damage, or in the process of transportation, loading and unloading box crash accident. So, check for container is one of the basic conditions of the goods transportation safety. The consignor, the carrier, the consignee, and other related parties in the mutual transition, in addition to the inspection on the box, should take the equipment interchange receipt status at the turn of the written confirmation box. Often, the search for container inspection should be:

1, the external inspection. External examination refers to six sides check box, outside to see if there is damage, deformation, crevasse strange situation, if any, that is to make repair parts. 2, the internal inspection. Internal check is on the inside of the box to see six sides, if leakage, light-leaking, with or without stain, water, etc. 3, check the door. Check whether the door is in good condition, whether around the perimeter of watertight door, door lock is complete, can you repeat the door is open. 4, cleaning, check. Clean check refers to box inside the presence of residues, odor pollutants, rust, water is wet. Do not conform to the requirements, shall be clean, or change. 5, attached a check. Affiliated examination refers to a container of reinforcing ring state, such as the pillar of the pallet container, flat container and open container upper extension structure inspection.
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