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Brand is a practical and effective tactic for prefab house enterprises

by:Lida Group     2022-01-25

Brand is a practical and effective tactic for prefab house enterprises, connecting consumers. For the prefabricated house enterprises, the main body participating in the fierce market competition, the brand is not a fashion or avant-garde theory, but a practical and effective tactic. purveyors and communicators. Therefore, from the perspective of prefabricated house enterprises, the inevitable vision is to integrate and spread the brand, prefabricated house corporate image, public relations and other multi-dimensional perspectives based on the consumer's position and vision. In the fiercely competitive marketing environment that is oriented by the players, it can realize the double harvest of economic benefits and brand benefits.

1. Why do companies build brands

Put aside academic concepts and introduce popular language. The sum of psychological reactions such as image, culture, reputation, advertising, etc., is a subjective rather than an objective judgment formed by consumers after thinking and processing based on and integrating the above elements. Any contact between consumers and a prefab house enterprise will leave an impression about the brand, and in the continuous contact, this impression may be strengthened or changed. Over time, consumers will eventually form a relatively stable and firm belief in this brand. Attitudes and emotions, and then form beliefs and even loyalty to the brand.

As for why the brand is important, it is because 'with the increasingly intensified competition among the prefabricated houses, the era of product homogeneity has come, and the brand has become a product that guides customers to identify and identify different manufacturers and sellers. It is the intangible asset and core competitiveness that is more important and long-lasting than the products of prefabricated houses. Although the design and production process of prefabricated houses are often used by competitors What is imitated, but usually difficult to imitate, is the brand image rooted in the minds of customers and the high degree of identification and loyalty to the prefab house enterprise.” It is precisely because of this high degree of identification and loyalty that the function is similar or the quality is the same. Its products and services provide a distinct premium and become a weapon in the minds of consumers that can effectively differentiate itself from competitors. In other words, compared with the brand personality theory, consumers' cognition and attitude towards brands directly determine whether products and services can enter consumers' arousing combinations (selection range), whether they can be liked and purchased by consumers . Therefore, the brand is almost the most important one of all the assets of the prefab house business.

Second, the importance of the prefab house enterprise brand

The ultimate connotation of the brand is in the minds of consumers, which can represent the products, services, image, culture, reputation, What does the special symbol, including all elements of advertising, the brand, mean. It is true that it must be admitted that in the minds of consumers, what they think is a brand that can represent all the elements of a prefab enterprise that they can come into contact with is a subjective rather than an objective judgment, but this subjective The judgment of the consumer is based on the synthesis of all the information about the company that the consumer has come into contact with, and every time the consumer comes into contact with the relevant activity behavior that can convey the brand information, it is subtly affecting the consumer's perception of the company. awareness of the brand. Therefore, for all brand operators, it is necessary to firmly establish the concept of integrated communication, systematically integrate brand building and prefab house corporate image building, advertising, public relations and other means that can arouse consumers' cognition, and be aware of these means. The specific content included is systematically integrated, and the brand positioning (what kind of impression does the prefab house enterprise want to leave in the minds of consumers, or in other words, the prefab house enterprise wants to make itself in the minds of consumers? What does it mean in ) as the starting point, systematically integrate various means that can promote the formation of this brand positioning in the minds of consumers, including the corporate culture of prefab houses, corporate philosophy of prefab houses, product concepts, product packaging, public relations promotion, endorsement cooperation , user interaction, word-of-mouth communication, social responsibility, etc., all means and contents that can transmit consumer information are integrated and processed, and through any contact with consumers that can cause brand associations, effectively communicate with target consumers. Lead and form an impression of the brand.

Therefore, from the perspective of brand strategy, it is necessary to systematically integrate a series of prefab house corporate image building, advertising, public relations, spokesperson, product packaging, prefab house corporate culture, business philosophy, social responsibility, etc. Brand awareness and elements that generate brand associations should be strictly planned, and the rhythm and content of communication with consumers should be grasped. With the help of events, activities and behaviors that can guide consumers to form the concept that the prefab house enterprise wants to spread, carry out bundled promotion. As for the specific dissemination process, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive but focused dissemination in stages according to the stages of the basic model of consumer purchase decision-making. In terms of product quality, popularity, brand association and dissemination, it is closely related to the characteristics of consumers themselves, and depends on consumers' experience in using prefab products.

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