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Brief introduction of prefabricated buildings, integrated houses and building steel structure industries

by:Lida Group     2022-01-24

Integrated residence: prefabricated house, all-wood house, color steel prefab house, container house, insulation shed, car room, tent, etc. Main structure: heavy steel structure, light steel structure, wood structure, anti-corrosion wood structure, wood plastic structure, composite wood, etc. Concrete prefabricated parts, components and fully prefabricated structural products. Enclosure structure thermal insulation: wall surface and inner curtain wall insulation system, interior wall thermal insulation decoration system, external wall thermal insulation decoration board, roof waterproof thermal insulation system, thermal insulation coating external thermal insulation system, thermal insulation mortar, aerated concrete blocks, New building decoration fire protection materials, integrated ceiling, roof and three-dimensional beautification materials. Modern construction equipment: production equipment for concrete products and prefabricated components, dry mortar, plaster, and mortar equipment; construction material handling and packaging machinery; stone, ceramic, glass, brick, wall material processing machinery, lime, gypsum products machinery; steel bars and prestressed machinery; construction elevators, aerial work vehicles, wall formwork systems, various multi-functional scaffolds; mixing trucks, pump trucks, transfer pumps, mixing stations, etc. All home kitchen and bathroom: all bathrooms, all homes, all kitchens, all bedrooms, all study rooms, all wardrobes, kitchen appliances, sanitary ware, kitchen waste treatment skills; integrated drinking water purification equipment and accessories. Energy-saving doors and windows, curtain wall shading system: energy-saving glass, pure wood doors and windows, aluminum-clad wood doors and windows, wood-aluminum composite doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, plastic doors and windows, glass fiber reinforced plastic doors and windows, glass curtain walls, building energy-saving glass film and interior and exterior shading control systems, etc. Energy-saving doors and windows and related ancillary products. Green energy-saving decoration materials and products: new building decoration materials, building coatings, wall panels, wall tiles, floors, and decorative glass ceilings. The use of solar energy in buildings: solar energy building integration, solar heating system, solar exterior wall and roof components, solar water heaters and application products, renewable energy products and applications, etc. Air purification and fresh air replacement: central fresh air ventilation system, heat exchanger, ground source, water source, air source heat pump system, central air conditioning, central vacuuming system, constant temperature and humidity system, air conditioning cleaning, testing and repairing equipment, indoor air testing and purification treatment skills equipment, etc. HVAC and new energy: boilers and heat source products, gas boilers, gas water heaters, heat exchangers, pipes and fittings, commercial and domestic central air conditioning systems, environmental protection air conditioners, heat meters, floor heating cleaning, water treatment technical equipment. Building intelligent systems and equipment: various electrical equipment automation control systems, system integration products, intelligent management systems, residential intelligent integration and intelligent system solutions. Real estate, modern construction skills and services: property community and supporting products, real estate development enterprises, building intelligence, construction units, construction skills, construction design, planning, scientific research units, construction industry information, finance, personnel training, etc.

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