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Building steel structure engineering considerations

by:Lida Group     2020-10-28
New steel structure engineering construction projects under construction, there are several aspects need to be aware of. Under the premise of these aspects is to keep the engineering quality, and reduce the cost, cost saving. This Angle is an advantage for investors to build steel structure engineering. And improve the specification of the project. This Angle is the advantage of steel structure engineering. A: life is the main steel structure project budget. But the service life of steel structure is also important. Choose steel structure building because few maintenance, reduce the cost, and long service life. During the construction of the two: the fee assumption to replace steel, from building experience. Temporary change cost problems are common, priority at this moment is the project objective. Because change notice for replacement of this step, is the need to spend time and cost. 3: the efficiency of the steel structure engineering to ensure the efficiency, guarantee the three aspects. One for the material on time to the scene, secondly material conforms to the standard, three sufficient for construction personnel. Four: communication timely communication and communication, because once the communication problems, problems rework and capital increase and so on, are all reduced the execution. Five: the design rationality of the design, including lighting, heating and air conditioning. Adopt and anticorrosive coatings, fire retardant coating is reduce the cost of maintenance to replace.
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