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By the container what is the distinguishing feature of transformation of the office?

by:Lida Group     2020-07-08
By the container what is the distinguishing feature of transformation of the office?

one, the introduction of container trailer office

container trailer office is a portable, reusable building products. The product adopts the modular design, factory production, as the basic unit in enclosure, can be used alone, also can be formed by the different combination of horizontal and vertical direction on the wide use of space, vertical direction can fold three layers.

the benefits of container house office

live one container office play a huge role in the temporary offices, can decorate the inside of the facilities and traditional houses, office facilities, the same layout, enjoy the same office, the same, this is the room office container should have some advantages, but on the basis of the container room office and this is more characteristic, is its flexibility performance, flexibility of it can be said to be the ordinary office no advantage, it's easy to carry and aspects can undertake handling of the whole, also can be torn down, but you can still in use after down, it can be recycled, this is the flexible sex makes a lot of people very like it, when there is emergency happens, such as natural disasters, it can also come on the scene as a temporary office as the operations.

characteristics of container house office

1, advantages: convenient transportation, easy to move, strong and durable, long service life, can be up and down or so splicing, seismic wind, fire prevention, waterproof, good appearance, good sealing performance;

2, typical applications: office, command, conference room, staff dormitory, prefabricated prefabricated prefabricated shops, schools, hotels, factories, etc. ;

3, has the ability of resistance to 120 km/h wind speed. Lightweight structure in the house when the earthquake disaster is stronger than the seismic fortification intensity of 8, showing good integrity;

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