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Caigang houses have advantages?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-15
Caigang houses is the caigang watts as skeleton diagram, caigang sandwich board for retaining structure of raw materials, to regulate module series products in indoor space, prefabricated screw connection, a new definition of environmental protection high-grade choi steel housing. Can save time and effort to carry out assembling and disassembling, set up temporary engineering construction standardization, the commonality shaped energy conservation and environmental protection, convenient and efficient engineering construction core idea, cause the temporary house in to a generalized development design, flexible production manufacture, form a complete set to change suppliers, and turnover of inventory and countably application of formalization goods industry. 1, the reasonable layout of spirit: light steel structure, Shared space is large, can ask the spirit system partition, on the basis of reasonable room layout diversity; Light steel structure standards can be integrated into all geology, geology environmental hazards, but basis must create all sorts of complex geology, such as mountain peaks, mountain forest and tundra. 2, structure on: light steel structure high quality raw materials physics properties of caigang houses with durable. Steel structure of the characteristics of high compressive strength is very light, it is far better than that of the flooding and high winds and floods in other ways of structure, and used up more security. 3, economic environmental protection: light steel structure system is very light, operation is convenient, reasonable arrangement of time and human services; Skeleton diagram and the caigang watts significantly improved the overall effective utilization rate of housing construction. Can reduce the prophase engineering construction cost; Light steel structure design and manufacturing integration, 4, house dismantling and assembling several times, pay special attention to the caigang prefabricated house maintenance at ordinary times, at least 2 - available 3 the construction site.
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