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Caigang mobile area calculation methods of stairs Prefabricated housing manufacturers

by:Lida Group     2020-10-12

trailer combination characteristic: the type of mobile market share is bigger, often used in the construction site overlay area, it is mainly made up by light steel keel through bolts, specification for each K1820mm module, has the characteristics such as replicate a tear open outfit to use, let's look at the type of house price list below, caigang room stair area of stair area is how to calculate?

caigang stair specification is long 3 trailer. 5 m * 1 m wide, but Angle channel width of 1 m. So stair area of 3. 5 m2 = 4 + 1 square meters. 5 square meters. Caigang room on the second floor general specification with 2 stairs, each gable, two layers of each stair as 4. 5 square meters, three layers of each meter 16 stairs. 8 square meters, according to increase or decrease the number when you increase or decrease in the stairs.

1, the partition wall between every 2 k, the device is a door and two Windows.

2, accounting area, he would add 0 length at both ends. 16 meters.

3, usually used slope roof housing width is 3 k = 5. 46 meters.

4, 3 k wide boarding-houses length per 2 k for a unit that is 19. 9 ( About 20 ㎡) ; About 20 ㎡, each unit can put 5 hob bed bunk.

5, rain loose area by 50% plan area.

6, the stairs every 4 meter area. 5㎡。

choi steel structure building with a total area of accounting methods:

1, the housing area outside the wall width calculation according to the x layer.

2, outdoor staircases, aisle projection area of the sum of the accounting according to the natural layer.

3, the canopy according to half of the horizontal projection area of accounting.

4, out of the wall plate is not accounting construction area.

5, the total area = ( 1) + ( 2) + ( 3)

6, the standard layer two stairs, around each one out of the wall, each stair 4. 5 cm2 according to increase or decrease the number when you increase or decrease in the stairs.

7, except where noted, the accounting methods of quantities are adjusted according to the calculation formula of settlement.

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