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Caigang room - and industry favor the kinds of reasons Prefabricated housing manufacturers

by:Lida Group     2020-10-13

caigang trailer is a new type of caigang room, in areas such as the construction site, plant, use more and more. Its raw materials and steel structure reasonable deployment. To reach the very good security effect. We common caigang room many varieties, such as colored steel structure building, hoisting room, shed bungalow, steel structure, caigang trailer, light body caigang trailer, light steel color, double slope, caigang composite panels, caigang room tech caigang trailer, caigang trailer, container caigang new trailer, caigang prefabricated houses, caigang activities room to the field of colored steel structure building. Lifting type trailer. Characteristic: after an assembling, can all segments of the countless times, structure function, is ambitious to pick about often move move, it is also a car the most basic form. Assembled trailer. No skeleton skeleton or a small amount of spot welding, and then retaining structure is fixed to the structure. Characteristic: economical and practical, mobile number one or two times, composite board high damage rate, large amount of site operation, artificial cost, cost will be progress. At the scene of the assembled trailer is assembled, the light steel par with bolt is connected into a skeleton, and then put the palisade structure skeleton of reserve tank inside the house. Caigang trailer is so popular is low cost, the cost of the main causes of time limit for a project. Because mobile features, compared with some brick houses, one of its capital is very low, and can cycle use, using life is longer. According to statistics, generally a repeatable using mobile number in more than six times, away from the data in the us. Also more able to understand that the trailer of an inductive capital is relatively low.

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