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Caigang the trailer's location - Prefabricated housing manufacturers

by:Lida Group     2020-10-22

caigang the trailer's location:

a, site selection, the basic requirements of

1, in accordance with the overall plan to the construction site is the place with safety, fire protection requirements.

2, caigang trailer shall not be used in high voltage line, and shall not be used on the bank of river bank, cliff, rivers and strong FengKouChu safe addresses.

3, on-the-spot mobile close to handle, and useful areas, residential areas, insist on interval.

2, erection of the basic requirements of

1, the erection of the trailer, it is necessary to fit to consolidate, security, moistureproof, bright warm ventilation and fire safety rules and shall not affect the surrounding environment requirement, convenient life of migrant workers, migrant workers health.

2) mobile should ensure the safety of the main structure and equipment.

3, trailer should be against the eight 10 strong breeze talent and strength.

3, set-up of the reinforcement method

1, the mobile home balcony add 40 * 40 wind column, with 30 * 30 Angle between column and column welding connection, roofing roof with a 125 mm tapping screw and the Angle from top to bottom.

2, in order to avoid the winter snow load, 40 * 60 square tube set in the center of the mobile roof beam, to prevent snow down the roof. Generally only consider KangXue big between reinforcement.

caigang trailer daily maintenance methods:

a, that is, in terms of material selection of, to the reasonable material selection, according to the medium and conditions of use to see.

two, is the use of electrochemical principle of component plus cathodic polarization is to slow down the corrosion of the cathode maintenance principle.

3, is contrary to the second anode maintenance, appearance is used with anode current components to blunt to slow down the corrosion.

4, regularize ph value is medium processing.

5, is adding a slow to medium corrosion substance.

6, metal outer cover layer: spray, lining, permeability, coating, coated with a layer of the corrosion resistance of metal or nonmetal ( Organic or inorganic) Material and the metal phosphating, oxidation treatment, to decline the corrosion speed;

7, anticorrosive planning and improve production process; There is a change especially technical solution is.

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